How accurate is your timing model for future entries and exits?

When using the EquiPredict timing indicator only, in any given 2 year period since 2002, back-testing 20 random, high quality stocks trading more than an average of 500,000 shares per day and having relatively strong track records for performing well in varied market conditions, the probability of a desirable outcome (profitable) has been greater than 83%. When taking into account break-even results, the figure rises to 89%. This does not mean macro market conditions will remain favorable for this model for an indefinite amount of time. We do our best to monitor macro market conditions and adjust the model as conditions change year to year.

Do I need to be a skilled trader to use this website?

No, the model and monthly alerts sent to readers are designed to be easy to understand and implement by traders of all skill levels. However, the model is merely one indicator that should be added to a toolbox of indicators already in use by the trader. For example, as price is approaching a given “Entry” date, if the trader has other preferred indicators that agree with the upcoming entry, it greatly increases the probability the given trade will work out.

Do you guarantee success with your timing model?

No, trading carries risk and no one model of any kind will accurately predict with near perfect certainty the price movement of any given security. Stop losses should be strictly minded and trading time frames and trading plans/strategies of the subscriber should be closely adhered to. EquiPredict is for educational and informational purposes only. Read our full disclaimer at the bottom of the homepage.

Is EquiPredict an investment advisory service?

No, EquiPredict and its founder and affiliates are not RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors), nor any kind of state or federally regulated financial advisory service, nor CFPs (Certified Financial Planners). Any information acquired from the EquiPredict website is not to be considered investment nor financial advice. Read out full disclaimer at the bottom of the homepage.

Do I need to be concerned about earnings announcement dates?

Yes, they should be strictly minded. If an EquiPredict alert is released near or on an earnings announcement date, a stock can gap up or down increasing risk of taking on the trade prior to announcements. It is best to wait for the earnings date to pass first.

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